We are a community
for mentoring and growing happy successful Professionals.

Whereas normal training is a bit like speed dating, its all over and done with-in hours and you’re left with nothing but a bunch of papers and some rapidly fading advice. We are more a relationship that helps you grow.

Social media driven and community based. The concept is “it should be affordable for you to invest in your career” . If you can’t find a mentor in the office that can help you grow you’ll no doubt find one here, along with formal training material and articles to help you grow.

There is a Free YouTube channel as well as Free material, posts and Podcasts.

Monthly access to full course materials including Forums and Podcast based training courses , peer to peer and on-going coaching are available for less than you contribute to your caffeine consumption per month.

We strive to deliver a platform with real value that can help improve your skills and happiness as an ambitious professional as well as being one you can get involved with and contribute to others and your own growth.

Based on a coaching democracy.


Along with training managers in an affordable and online social media way we also offer services of a more traditional contract basis.

However you will probably find these too tend to offer slightly “Different” approaches and hopefully much more value for you.

Seminars and Personalised Training

We offer onsite training days, ongoing personal coaching

A more hands on option for really getting drive and a great way to kick of a Managers development program leading into the online content and forums support.

Recruitment Services

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash
Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

We offer recruitment services..

BUT not like you’re used to. Our services are all on a fixed price or Time and Materials basis at affordable rates that can lower your recruitment costs incredibly. We also offer on the job training for your own staff whilst recruiting and mechanisms that avoid CV overload.