Community Standards

TheHappyManagers strongly recognizes how important it is for the website and forums to be a place where users feel free to communicate and safe in that communication.

To this end TheHappyManagers take very seriously their responsibilities to keep the services free from abuse or any other form of interference with a safe freedom of speech. Forums function as a safe place of mentoring and our hope is that it will be a place where vulnerability and owning the need to grow is easy, not where you need to be defensive.

Therefore we will try to moderate the discussion and forums on TheHappyManagers, hopefully in an unobtrusive manner. We encourage anyone who feels that there is inappropriate behavior on the site to bring it to a moderators attention, lets police our community together.

The following are some of the behaviors we hope to not see on the site. Let’s be respectful to each other out there.

Hate Speech

We will not tolerate hate speech on TheHappyManagers services. There is a fine line sometimes between challenging ideas and presumptions and abusive discussions that minimize others or worse.

We will attempt to ensure that robust conversation is not blocked in the communities that form TheHappyManagers but the following will be moderated

Hate speech toward any gender, sexual preference or religion or other definable segment of our community will not be tolerated.

Violent and graphic content

It is hard to envisage where violent or graphic content could help develop a Managers career or skills and this sort of content will be removed if ever found on the site.

Nudity or sexually explicit content

Will be removed and posters may have their accounts blocked.

Solicitation for business of any type

TheHappyManagers does not desire to become a marketing forum and Patron’s come to the site to learn and pass on knowledge, so solicitation on the Services will not be tolerated.

Suicide and self-Injury

Content that could promote or encourage suicide or self-injury will not be tolerated. Support of people who might be struggling is one thing but we are not professionals and should not be engaging in assistance where it might not be helpful.

Bullying and Harassment

A safe environment is essentially free from bullying. Challenging opinions does not require demeaning, threats or bullying.

Privacy violations

We take the privacy of our patrons very importantly and any posts or distribution of information that violates the privacy of any member of TheHappyManagers, on or off the site will not be tolerated and can result in banning of the user responsible and in some jurisdictions reporting to the necessary authorities.

Criminal behavior including incitement to violence or acts

Any behavior that is criminal in nature or could be seen to encourage a criminal act will not be tolerated not the site. This includes any organisation that is known to invite criminal behavior,such as terrorist groups or organized crime.

Spam and Misrepresentation

Unwanted messaging, mass messaging, impersonation or in anyway misrepresenting yourself on the site for the purposes of harassment or gain in any way will not be tolerated.

This extends to knowingly or repeatedly posting false news or information intended to mislead the sites patrons.

Intellectual Property

We take intellectual property seriously and it is important that any content posted or distributed through TheHappyManagers services are owned by the poster and not in any way outside a license agreement.