Contract Recruitment Offerings

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash
Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Recruitment offerings with a DIFFERENCE.

The recruitment process traditionally starts with the haphazard process of scouring incredibly brief works of fiction, in order to determine who is worth our time to interview or not.

Yet the ideal hire is a person who doesn’t have the CV Yet!,
but has the aptitude and strong desire to build that working for YOU.

There has got to be a better way!!!!

Notoriously unreliable, CV skimming produces random results, undoubtably misses many high potential candidates and fills your interview room with many a wasted hour.

Recruitment agencies are supposed to alleviate this but often just throw you randomly appropriate candidates and after many hours of YOUR time ,when you hire one, you gift them a significant portion of the first years salary.

Actually;There is a better way

Photo by Camille Ralston on Unsplash

We offer, fixed price, recruitment advertising and CV skimming.

But CV skimming is not to find you candidates. Rather to pick out those worth directing to our online Triage Quiz, that we design along with you based on our knowledge and yours.

From those results we select candidates for a virtual screening interview, also created in conjunction with you and our coaches. But conducted by us on our time. From this we will have a very good view of the candidates skills, personality and aptitude.

Finally, this will produce a short list of as many as you like, but we recommend two to three for your interview and your time investment.

Bringing value back into recruitment

We’ll even be there if you want help further into the process.

You might even be able to hire based on aptitude and ability rather than a short creative story.

“Hiring great staff with a future rather than a history is about finding potential and gearing some of your renumeration around opportunity for them rather than salary.

If that’s your goal.. we might be able to help.”

Head Coach