3 Personality Types of Managers

Do you know what manager type you are? is it important? which is the best one? Do you understand Management by Transactional Analysis?

Who you are as a manager and how you behave is very important. But to be really really good, perhaps you need to understand how to have multiple personalities?

Seeking Redundancy

Seeking redundancy is NOT the same as putting yourself out of work. It might just put your business into high gear.

What I’m talking about here is a way to create a thriving and driven business culture that supports all the things you want your business or business unit to be.

Not relying on “STARS” to hold up your business one that will really fly continuously in the right direction… UP!!!

The Three Pillars

That’s the three pillars not the three pillocks of business. You should know these if you don’t want to be one of those :-).

A straightforward discussion about how a business actually targets its value proposition and fits into its market.

Failure to understand how your management drives to meet these three pillars is really a failure to manage.

Its an Interview NOT a social engagement

Stop having casual chats with your candidates.. its doesn’t do justice for your company or you… watch this hard-nosed cops interview approach to bringing integrity and honesty into an interview

It can totally transform the interview process for you AND your candidates.

Happiness Joy Engagement

Engagement in staff is not about joy its about happiness.. know the difference? you should…. more importantly…. you should know where your happiness comes from.. it might help you work out where your staffs happiness comes from and get them engaged with your vision.

Being a happy manager and enjoying your work life is about understanding what brings happiness.

Create Your Own Reality

No seriously… reality is only a concept… I know you think I am crazy but trust me.. if you are going to shape your thinking, change culture, improve your staffs future outlook.. you need to understand the dark art of crafting a reality.

Happiness and peace in our lives comes from understanding how it all fits together.. not just pushing harder.

Channel Intro

So what are we about and where can you find decent training for managers for FREE. Well the answer is here .

Intro Video

We work in a layered structure… there are plenty of YouTube “free to you” video’s and Podcasts on here, helping out with Managerial topics. Then if you want to get more we have a Membership site with full training material available via a “cup of coffee” monthly patronage.

The concept is one of ease and continuation of training as well as a supporting community for your growth.

Membership is enough to support the content generation, the training is easy with mostly PodCast and supporting material that you can consume anywhere, even on the train on the way to work and of course a forum where you can join a community to help get the most out of training material and understand what makes you great.

This post is our Channel Intro