Tatamae – The Pubic Face

Tatamae – Public Face, Shame and how to build a trusting environment for your staff. Hold on it takes YOUR courage to do.

We are social critters and how that shapes us shapes how you interact with your staff and how they in turn interact with you.

Get it right… please!!

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3 Personality Types of Managers

Do you know what manager type you are? is it important? which is the best one? Do you understand Management by Transactional Analysis?

Who you are as a manager and how you behave is very important. But to be really really good, perhaps you need to understand how to have multiple personalities?

Its an Interview NOT a social engagement

Stop having casual chats with your candidates.. its doesn’t do justice for your company or you… watch this hard-nosed cops interview approach to bringing integrity and honesty into an interview

It can totally transform the interview process for you AND your candidates.